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How not to port software, part 2 23 February 2007

Posted by Matthew Fulmer in AME Education, software.
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In my previous post, I told about my experience trying to port a
windows-only C++ program first to the cross-platform glib toolkit, then
to the Squeak environment. I gave up because I thought it would take too
long, and because I was not willing to ask for help using Smallapack, a
Squeak/VisualWorks matrix library. Now I have finished the short project
assigned to me and can look at what happened in retrospect.



How not to port software 7 February 2007

Posted by Matthew Fulmer in Uncategorized.

Three weeks ago, I received an assignment from my research adviser to
add a new, simple motion model to our path tracing program. Quite a
simple assignment. However, I do not like the code base for several

  1. It only works under Visual Studio on Windows
  2. It is monolithic
  3. It is not modular

So I thought, why not get around to cleaning up this code? (more…)