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How not to port software, part 2 23 February 2007

Posted by Matthew Fulmer in AME Education, software.
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In my previous post, I told about my experience trying to port a
windows-only C++ program first to the cross-platform glib toolkit, then
to the Squeak environment. I gave up because I thought it would take too
long, and because I was not willing to ask for help using Smallapack, a
Squeak/VisualWorks matrix library. Now I have finished the short project
assigned to me and can look at what happened in retrospect.



AME Learning Project initial meeting 8 January 2007

Posted by Matthew Fulmer in AME Education.
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I met with my adviser today for my research project, and got an assignment to get a basic motion model working by next week. For now, we need the computer to understand the difference between “normal” and “articulated” motion, where articulated means more perfect. The motion model will just see X motion, Y motion, or Z motion. It will also distinguish “articulated” versions of these motions, where the motion must be nearly (perhaps even inhumanly) perfect. This will be our line between “amateur” and “mastered” motion in SMALLab. This will hopefully allow us to develop models to detect learning through the motion of the SMALLab students.