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New Mexico Christian Children’s Home 15 January 2007

Posted by Matthew Fulmer in Church.

At church tonight, there was a presentation regarding the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home. My church has donated food, laundry detergent, and money to that place for as long as I have been there, but this was the first time I ever saw anything about it. I am very impressed; it is definitely a place worth investing in. They raise about 50 kids at a time, and train them all to be excellent people.

The families have times for Bible Study, times for homework, and times for play. The children are taught economics through assigned chores, and raising crops and animals. Each year, they attend the local fair, and they present and auction the animals, and sell the vegetables.  It seemed to be very effective.

I think I believe that a farm is the only place to raise children, and I got a confirming glimpse of that during this presentation. When I become a parent, I will need to keep in mind three things:

– Always set a Godly example for the others. The best way to know how to be Godly is to see others do it.

– Teach the value of work, time, and money. Do not waste much of them, because they are quite valuable, especially work and time.

– Put the children in a community of parents and peers. The more friends anyone has, the better.  I think the same could be said of parents. The more adults a child knows and trusts, the more wisdom and knowledge they can gain.

And I should definitely put this place in my will.