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DeltaStreams 0.1.1 in the works 29 November 2007

Posted by Matthew Fulmer in Delta Streams.

I don’t update my blog nearly enough. I released DeltaStreams (with Goran’s approval), nearly a month ago (announcement). Since then, I’ve been working on a few improvements in my (currently copious) spare time. I’ve eliminated (I believe) the dependence on ToolBuilder and PlusTools, which should allow a Universe release and a 3.8 release. I also fixed a number of bugs, increasing the number of passing unit tests from 87 to 107 (out of 131). The release process for 0.1 was done manually, and it was a pain, and will only get worse as the number of supported Squeak versions and the number of release avenues increases. So, the last step of 0.1.1 will be an automated build and release script, which will (hopefully) let me build the .sar release files and upload them to squeakmap and universes with a single command.

It may be the start of a build system (like the Sake idea), or just a DSL for publishing packages (akin to Installer); I don’t know.