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Updating ThingLab 8 March 2007

Posted by Matthew Fulmer in ThingLab.
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I have decided to update ThingLab so that it runs on Squeak 3.8. I am doing this partly to prepare for Peek, my Google Summer of Code proposal, and partly because ThingLab is one of the coolest projects I have ever seen and actually exists. So far, I have it partially running under MVC in Squeak 3.8. I will get it fully working under MVC before I even attempt to get it running under Morphic, probably via the Omni framework. A lot of it works already, but the nice features, like constraint merging and deletion, tend to bring up the emergency evaluator at odd times.

I am also running it under Squeak 2.3, which was the target of the partial update done by Reinier van Loon in 1998. It works a bit better under Squeak 2.3, but constraint deletion brings up the emergency evaluator even there.

I will port the code to Monticello soon. Check back at http://www.squeaksource.com/ThingLab