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Matthew Fulmer

311 S. LaSalle St. #51F
Durham, NC 27705

Phone: +1 480 949 6531
Email: tapplek@gmail.com


Master of Science in Engineering, Computer Systems (in progress)

Duke University: May 2012

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Computer Systems

Arizona State University: December 2007

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Electrical

Arizona State University: December 2007

Arizona General Education Curriculum of Arts (AGEC-A) certificate

Scottsdale Community College: May 2003

Home School

before May 2000

Project History

Developer on the Open Cobalt virtual reality platform: January 2009 – Present

Coder and bug fixer; primarily responsible for implementation of the graphical user interface

Participation in the Squeak open source Smalltalk project: October 2006 – December 2008


  • Documentation Team Leader: October 2006 – June 2007
  • Release Team Leader: October 2007 – December 2008
  • Co-authored Deltastreams and Monticello 1.6, two version control systems
Research Assistent for Dr. Sarma Vrudhula: January 2008-December 2008

Initial research on object-oriented computer architecture, and distributed object messaging and management

Employment as an Intern at Intel Coorperation: January 2007-December 2007

Responsible for extending and maintaining a power benchmarking suite in Python and C languages. Worked in a team split between Arizona and Singapore.

Undergraduate Research Assistent for Dr. Harvey Thornburg: January 2006-May 2007

Implemented tools for machine learning and shape analysis of human motion. Assisted with two research publications (see below). Used MATLAB, C++, and Max/MSP for programming. Made extensive use of probability theory including:

  • Dynamic Bayesian Networks
  • Kalman Filtering
  • Parameter inference via Viterbi and Generalized Pseudo-Bayes algorithms
Senior Design Project for Dr. Harvey Thornburg (EEE 488/489): August 2006-May 2007

Design and Construction of a wireless, handheld computer interface. Programmed using PIC assembly language, C, and the GTK+ graphic toolkit.

E-waiter restaurant messaging system: August 2005-August 2006,

Started out as a class project; I worked on it for two semesters afterward as an open source project. Made using the Python language, GTK+ graphic toolkit, and PyGame toolkit, and Python Remote Objects for network backend

Research Publications and Projects

Interaction and Reflection via 3D Path Shape Qualities in a Mediated Constructive Learning Environment
  • Kai Tu, Harvey Thornburg, Ellen Campana, Matthew Fulmer, David Birchfield, Christopher Todd, and Andreas Spanias
  • Submitted to 2007 ACM workshop on Educational Multimedia and Multimedia Education (EMME)
Tracking the Path Shape Qualities of Human Motion
  • Kai Tu, Harvey Thornburg, Matthew Fulmer, and Andreas Spanias
  • In proceedings of International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP-2007)
  • Apr. 15-20, 2007, Hawaii, Honolulu

Other Experience

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